I'm 32 and if you would have told me 10 years ago where and what id be doing I would have laughed so hard as it is so far from who I am.

I have 3 siblings. 2 older 1 younger. I was the one that got the best grades, went to college and moved 3000 miles from my family to try and make something of myself.

I live with my partner and his mother (who we take care of) in a small run down house that we pay rent on in a horrible neighborhood. I can't stand where I live but moving is hard and living paycheck to paycheck makes it hard to save.

My siblings all own their own homes and are all married. Two of them have kids. They have a lot of mutual friends and do a lot of activities together (being they all still live in the same town). I miss out on a lot of family gatherings and 6 months later still haven't met my niece.

I guess when you are young you think you can change the world do anything you want and if you don't like it snap your fingers and change. It isn't that easy at all.
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Between 2002 and 2007 I moved all over the eastern half if the country. I did some good work as a computer contractor. And I did some fun work like doing samples/sales of speciality foods. Most of that time I only had what would fit in my car.

When I needed to come home. I asked my family for a little money. I took only what I could fit in the car and left everything else behind.

Yes, I went through some kind of similar experience. I was the one with the best grades in school, everybody thought I will have a brilliant future. I have my grade but life gives us surprises. Some of the people in my class with the worse grades and without a university degree have a much better life than me. They are earning more money and have a beautiful family. I am stuck and single without no opportunities to change it.

Man, you can change the world. :) I believe so because of my religious views , And I think deep down , you know that you can too.you just gotta take it one step at a time.

Age 18-21. Yeah. That's what he was saying. When he was your age he had the same thoughts....

Hehe, I didn't pick up on that to be honest.thanks brother.either way , I don't take back my comment. As young as I am , I believe that anyone can change the world , I see everyone as equal. Thanks again !

Equal sure. But not the same.
And that has nothing to do with his issues or changing the world.