I wake up every morning and think to myself "how did this happen?" It seems as if the last 10 years have flown by and none of it is even remotely memorable. I had dreams and plans and goals on where I wanted to be in life. I'm 25 years old still living at home with my parents, I hate my job, and have never been in any type of serious relationship. I know I'm "still young" but I can't stop these feelings. I wish life came with a redo button.
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Life never happens the way we plan. We cannot change the past and we cannot plan the future. The only thing we have is this moment, right now. Enjoy it.

You can be free thought, earn some money and quit your job. Then turn society backwards, and use it on your advantage. Leave your house, get some other place and live there, maybe an abandoned place. Then prove you are alive and do crazy ****, like starting fights on the streets or blowing up cars, whatever crosses your mind.

Same here. Sat in a 'stop gap' job for 8 years now. Finally kicked myself into touch and doing a degree in September. The only person who can change it is you. I know it's really tough but its worth it in the end when you finally can sit back and think 'I'm happy'

There're reasons why you are where you are. Try to step out of your comfort zone okay? Try something new. My parents said that the future always worth fighting for! I know I'm much younger and have less experience than you, but I hope my words help you. All you have to do is try something new, see the outside world. You can do this! You don't need the redo button, never did.