It's time for a positive life changing experience and I know I have to begin with my inner self but I need to learn how.
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Just be present

u no sometimes our efforts doesnt work,life pushes u on another side, sometimes i feel i m a puppet and string in someone's hands

You need to take control of the strings

I know i am pretty small to be heard , but from many people around me that wanna try to hard and die never doing anything for real i have learned that you dont really need a formula just go with the flow , force nothing . Let it happen ...trusting that whichever way it goes , it goes for the best . And if nothing goes right ...just go left ... u dont have to like it , its just easier if u do . No matter how many years pass ....ur still the same ...only some wrists make u look a little bit different ...being always young and beautiful is a little bit boring isnt it ..?! ;)

Going with the flow and liking it will keep you young and beautiful.

Thats what im talking abt :)

Could be worse. You could be my age.

You look great! Age is only a number

I agree. I still feel I'm 40 but my mind tells me I'm 20 but waking in the morning I'm 63. Lol

Lol I'm 41 and I feel 50

I think when I was 41 I felt like 50 too. I was still doing hard work at my business.

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it begins with putting the past in the past, and forgiving yourself for anything you let linger....

Yes I agree but learning how to let go is hard

yes it is...took me years...but i did it

The sad thing is I really don't know what makes me happy!

always do what makes you happy or at least you think will