I am 17 going on 18 in OCT and I am completely....unfocused...and lost. I look back on the last few years and I feel like a complete ****-up. I dint get A honor roll or Ab honor roll. I managed to pass classes with high D, mid C or Low to High Bs. But my sister passed top of her class all A all Honors classes! I CAN"T EVEN GET INTO HONORS ENGLISH despite being good at it! All because I failed my junior project? This is my senior year of high school, the best 4 years of my life.....no.
I can't find a job cause our house is like...no where near any of the good stores for teen except like Food Lion but I have to be 18 to work there! 18! That wonderful freaking number! I have to find what Collage I want to go to by my birthday! Collage scares me....I hate it now after seeing a bunch of different things on it.
Its not better then high school, I still have to take certain classes that don't teach me anything just waste my time really.
My social life sucks. I only hung out with 2 different friends, one of my 'best' friends who lives near me and calls me his brother despite the amount of fights and argument we have. Then my Gf....who I only saw once this summer on the first date I took her one. Most likely the last one too...considering the rule her 'aunt' had.
This year everything is going down the drain and I honestly don't see a reason to be happy anymore.
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I heard a similar cry from a Lawyer who was in age group mid 20's. Don't be discouraged.

Someday what happened in high school won't matter to you anymore. When you go to college you will get as much out of it as you choose to. Sometimes the classes you least expect to like actually teaches you the most! You'll get thru this, one moment at a time.

U r going to get through this in a few years when u have real responsibilities ur gonna wish u cld go back!!

I can completely relate. I am in the same school situation as you and it's really bad. It causes me so much anxiety.

I hate it really. Why do I have to talk more English? That language can only go so far!

What do you mean?

Sorry hehe. But I'm taking English 4, this is my final year of high school. I have been taking 'English' class for years now.

HAHAHA me too. I take English 4 too. It's pointless

Like really? How far do this go!It the only language I can read/speak besides very very limited Spanish. Like..really? There's MORE?

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Your life is just beginning, don't worry.