I am so depress right now!! I feel like I can't move forward! I feel like my life is so ******! I'm so overwhelmed. I try to walk around like I'm okay but I'm not. I hate where I'm at in life. I'm so f&cking tired of ppl telling me it's gonna get better. I honestly don't see it happening. I've been on this emotional roller coast since 2005. I'm to the point where I just don't care what happens to me anymore. I tired. Just tired.
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lately I was in a big crowd and I felt so sad,,,why I had to be the only one sick there,,,,but like something came over me and tolled me ,,,come on they all look happy but god knows what they are all suffering from....from that moment I felt much better.....try to enjoy the moments of happiness....we are here for each other don't forget

In life. Problems fall into two catagorise.
1. Things you can influence and change.
2. Things you can do nothing about.
You can work on those that fall into the first catagory.
But the second. The second is about accepting what has happened. And letting it go.
Only when you've let it go will life feel different.

I can relate completely.