I got a little into this in another story but allow me to elaborate. So, I am 23 years old. I wanted to move out of my parent's house when I turned 21 but that didn't happen hence I am still here. Also I had wanted to have my license before I graduated high school but once again I still don't have it mainly because of some bad experiences regarding driving but nonetheless I still don't have my license and I know my friends and family are getting tired of giving me rides and I absolutely hate asking them. It is such a sticky conversation when I lead up into asking them. Anyways, also at this age I want to have a good stable job but I just lost my job that was supposed to be my stable job until I reached enough money to go back to school. So yeah I feel like failure in the sense that I haven't reached my goals yet.
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Quit feeling sorry for yourself. All of us have periods of time in our live's when we feel our accomplishments are not significant. Two things will fix your problem; you are most likely short on money. That has to be fixed as it will increase your self esteem and remove the stress of being broke. Secondly, you need to find a successful mentor who will tell you the truth no matter what you think, then help you find a strategy to overcome your loss of a job. If you lived in Michigan, I could put you to work in a very satisfying job that pays significantly higher than 95% of the recent college graduates.I provided this opportunity to I a young man named Brian. He was divorced with two children in high school. Unfortunately, after six weeks he thought he knew more than I did even though I have my PHD and he is working on his GED. His mouth eventually cost him his job and his family. He stole from me and never called to explain or say he was sorry.The lesson here is when you are offered a good job, you need to be loyal like a dog, learn to speak and when to keep your ideas private.

I understand. I'm feeling a lot better from the time I posted this story but still thanks for saying this. I kind of wish I did live in Michigan now because I could certainly use the money right now and having a mentor that told me how it is would certainly help me out and make me more self-sufficient. Oh wow, that was so not cool of him to do that. Yeah, I have an idea of what you mean. I've only ever had two real jobs that came with a paycheck and I did my very best or at least the best that I could at the time but I just needed to do more and be exceptional. Oh well, now I know how I should be at work for the next job I get.

You are not a failure. NO Siree. You will see eventually.

Thank you very much for saying that itchykitchy :)

Sorry to hear that man. I am in a very similar situation. I haven't had a job for a while and am living with my parents as well. I do things like keeping the house clean for them. We have just started a diet and when I lose enough weight I hope to join the military. Keep your head up and keep going. Good luck.

Thank for saying this Handyman25. It always feels good to receive feedback about what is going on in my life that is troubling me.

Oh and good luck for when you join the military.