I have really bad anxiety at times, and that causes me to not be able what I want to do with my future, applying for jobs is difficult for me because my anxiety goes crazy and I start thinking negative thoughts. Or even getting my license. I'm working on being more positive and trying to put myself out there more and talk to people. It's just hard when you feel as though you can't tell anyone these things because they will probably judge.
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Try this little exercise: before some "hard" task (for me it was phonecalling... yeah...) go to the bathroom and do some victory-stances in front of the mirror.. I'm talking about wonder-woman, or as if you have just won a race (V shaped arms up).. for 2 minutes.

Yes it will feel ridiculous, but it will get you pumped and gives a very positive feeling of I-can-do-it :)

It's the little steps that count!

Thank you :)

tell me how it goes:)

Oh my god!! I'm in the same boat and haven't ever run into anyone who has the same problem! It's awful!! I keep making little steps and they are scary sure, but when I see I can do this little thing I try for the next thing, and after a while I'm doing amazing things I never thought I would be able to do! I am right about to face my fear of a job on Tuesday when I will have the time because I am tired of living in this fear and I will just go viking with an axe on it because I want to be free! Kind of like pulling a band aid (way harder said than done) and I hope I have the courage to do it and I'm still so anxious!! But we got this! (It also helps me to embrace something that is very empowering ) now it's metal music lol like "I will murder that job so hard!!" Lol

I know the feeling. For me it is the what if this... what if that,,, what are they going to think... Will i say the wrong thing,,, I'm not good enough ... Why bother they won't higher me anyway and an never ending barrage of self doubt. It gets to the point that i don't even want to bother with anything. Even talking myself into making a simple phone call some days is impossible. I just force myself to continue on at this point. I think the main problem is people these days are just inherently mean. The reaction people have for no no apparent reason is what keeps me from wanting to interact with them.