I'm only young but I still feel like I've lost a lot of opportunities through not trying hard enough at school. I'm doing a degree that I hate because I wasn't smart enough to get into what I really wanted to do. All my other attempts to transfer haven't worked either, I feel like I'm becoming a waste of resources. My intake will never satisfy what I can give back.
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Working on a degree just because is a waste of your time & money. Take a break & figure out what you want to accomplish & work on making it happen. Even if its 1 course at a time while working. Good luck :)

Then quit. Why waste your time. Your folks resources and your tutors efforts?
I left school massively dissapointed because I couldn't study the things I wanted to. We had the biggest 6th form intake of any school in the county. So the timetable was geared more to others.
So I went off and worked several different jobs until the Oppertunity arose to take night classes.
Took me a while. But I managed it!
A few years later. Even managed to work a degree whilst working!!
True enough. Took me seven years!!
But in the meantime,got married, had kids,lived life!!

Being happy about what you have reached and being happy about what you have done are two different things. The first one is also based on luck and many external factors, so don't consider it too much. Instead, focus on the second, because that one depends almost entirely on you :)

I like that perspective

I dropped out at grade 10. Never finished high school. I enrolled in IT courses though (cos I had the technical skill), still nobody would employ me cos I didn't have a drivers license. Now I work at a tour operator as a Marketing Assistant, own and ride a bike and enjoy my life. Just goes to show you, anything can happen. I could be further in life, but I'm going somewhere and so are you

That's really nice to hear because sometimes it all just seems like a fantasy that is never going to come true but you saying that feels me with greater confidence, thank you :)

I'm glad I could help

never give up ;)