i spend all of my days with hope,,but i am tired ,,i need something ,,i am not happy ,,i don't like be depress i wanna be positive and make other happy,, but i cant do it any more..what should i do..i know all of the advice about happiness ,,i don't need advice,,i need just change something in my life,,but what?
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Loads of things you could do.
Change your image! Grow your hair. Cut your hair! Colour your hair!
Get some make up advice.
Re think your wardrobe.
Lose weight. Gain weight! Pick a celeb/movie star you like and copy the style!
Learn a language. Something unique like RNID sign language or ASL!!
But a harmonica/guitar/banjo. Learn to play!!
Take up golf:( take up football:) try fencing that looks cool!

How does one answer a question like this without giving some sort of advice. So, here is the thing. If you want to be happy and feel fulfilled three things have to happen. First you have to choose to be happy. Believe it, or not, happiness is a choice. It starts with you.
Find something beautiful in every day and contemplate it. Then you have to learn to live in the now. Experience what is happening in this very minute. Forget the past and give no thought to the future.
Finally give something back. It is in service to others that we find true joy.
Perhaps you just want to vent and don't want to make any further effort. That is fine too. I wish you well.

you are right,,i am just a little crazy now,,but i will be better and then i must listen to your good advice thank you so much,,god bless you

Sure you can you just have to get back up again and again

yea ,,thanks

Any time and two other things don't give up and just smile

same with me


I feel exactly the same stuck in this endless lope of sadness and misery. I don't remember what it was like to be happy and positive in life anymore. There's a great quote that's says "be the change you want to be". I wish I could be that change :/.

mm:/ ,,i wish you could be that change too,,

I feel exactly the same I hope you find your answer as do I

thanks my dear i hope so too..<3