So, i've been out of education for a good 5 years now. By the end of my secondary school life, just during my GCSE's i was considered by many of my teachers as quite bright.

I was only allowed to take 2 subjects as opposed to the 3 the majority of my yeargroup was allowed to take because of my dyspraxia (Which could of easily been countered by the school giving me a laptop [They said they would my third year in] for exams and such). After a while i was promptly removed from these courses because of tardiness, so i was down to the basics.

I was predicted a C grade in maths, B in English and Science, and a C in RS.

Something was off with my maths group, because over the course of 2 years i had about 5 separate teachers due to one of the teachers moving on to a better career. This interrupted my education somewhat.

The same can be said with my English GCSE (where most of the grade was done through coursework). My first teacher (Had a second during my second year) told me i could EASILY achieve a B grade after viewing my coursework for that year. I was moved to a different class the final year, where the teacher we were supposed to have was pregnant and went on maternity leave after a month.

This led to a string of poor substitute teachers, and in it, 2 years of coursework was found out to be missing about a week before the final deadline. Mine was in that pile.

Suffice to say, I didn't get the grade i was predicted (And the school blamed me for it, too).

So i finally finished secondary school, and went on to college (age 16-18 level of education for those who aren't familiar with the English education system).

I was stuck on a course where the primary teacher wasn't fully competent (It was an IT course and he had trouble with the majority of concepts and teaching in general). I scraped through this course, and ultimately got the qualification. I was set to do a second course, and went to sign on. At this point, the college i was attending fiddled me about.

I repeatedly tried to apply only to receive a "Call back later" or "We'll call you back". This went on for about 3 months, and by then i was simply told "Turn up to the course signings and explain". I was rejected and told to phone back in person, despite my protests.

After another 2 months of being avoided, i finally gave up and have been stuck, under-qualified and unemployed since. I have not received any form of apology from any of the institutions i have attended, nor do i expect to receive any.
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I think that what you're feeling is pretty common . See im only in high school and i have that feeling so just knowing that its not hard to imagine the countless others in your shoes