Almost 60

I don't have the job I expected to have.  I don't have the money in the bank.  My emotional well being is sliding fast.  I had it all planned I was going to retire 2 years ago, who knew my life would blow up 4 years ago

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This question is from 2009? What is it doing here? Is this fellow still around?

Well I can see my life hasn't changed much from 2009, maybe it's me rather than ep I am really tired of, nothing melodramatic, just getting tired of problems, problems and more problems

I hear ya.... no its not what I expected either. Some things we just can't control, other things, well, we just have to move forward.<br />
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Use your wisdom from years of living, take stands, don't back down from the things you believe in, be your own voice. Life is more than financial success, its getting to know yourself, loving and accepting who you really are. Its who you are, not what you are. People remember us more by how we treat them than by what we did. <br />
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Big deal if you aren't wealthy and can't retire right now. Our economy has kept many of us in the work force longer than we'd expected. Its ok, it doesn't make you less of a person. There is a whole world of people in the same boat.

My sister and I email each other every day to stay in touch. The great debate is at ant particular time who is worse off, me or her. At least we have jobs, we are thankful for that

Welcome to life. I have no job. I gave it up to take care of my father until he passed (Who'd thought he would have Alzheimers?) still it was the RIGHT decision. Gave up my home to do so. Taking care of my Mum (Who'd thought she would have TWO surgeries?) Still the RIGHT thing to do. I have no guilt about either, I worry about me though. Living off my savings--I'm only in my Mid 50's. Prospects here (In Michigan?!) none--. I am blessed though with my Mum, without her I would be in the street--mentally and physically. MY future? I'm scared, I have no idea. I will take care of Mum, it is what is after that, that frightens me, Caring and compassion as well as companies who care about their people all seem on the way out. Don't think I want to be a part of this anymore.