When I was a kid laying in bed at night dreaming of the future this is not where I seen it leading to. I'm only 23, so goodness willing I still got sometime to make it better. So where am I at 23 :unemployed,emotionally disabled, living with my fiance' in the attic of my childhood home with my Aunt and her family dreams of driving diminished by an uncontrollable fear, all in all stuck at approximately the same place I was at 16. II continue to try to crawl out of this hole that I've gotten my self in to, but sometimes it feels that every time I make some progress I get pushed back in. I'll continue to reach for the sun, and yell for help....and hope someday I'll find my way out and never find my way in again.
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I believe in you. I believe in you I believe in you I believe in you

Maybe if you consider giving up you should make smaller weekly goals that willed to you accomplishing your bigger goals that take more time. That is what I am doing and believe me I am in a similar spot but I do see it changing b/c I am taking advantage of the only thing I have that is free and that is time.

i got stuck in the hole 2 once. i got in touch with a preacher, and tho he gave me sum freaky advice i couldn't take, he still gav me a new perspective on things as to why i was still stuck in the same place at 23 that i was at 16. i've also had fears to deal with, and i needed sum insight as to why my family did not support me moving out and being an adult. <br />
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mayb u just need to think a little more before u make a move. ; )