I Am Growing.

   It has been a long road, real long. I have been sad for so long I forgot how to be not be sad. I am still not happy but I refuse to let that ruin my life. I am praying I can keep going forward. I have started to talk more as a real person. Its hard but this change is necassary for me. It has been missing my whole life. I never learned to be social, was to busy trying to stay alive. In order to move forward in my life and make it better I need to learn this. Hey I am its in me. People will enjoy being around me more when I am like this. Hope my boldness doesnt get to be to strong. I say what I think and am very confident with what I can do. Dont want to be cocky. Ill figure it out. Still hard dont be missled by what I say.
  However this will not change who I am inside. It will just allow me to be more vocal and social.
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3 Responses Jun 14, 2010

i'm glad to hear from a guy that's not a pla<x>yer, what a nice change. there's enough guys like that out here.

Thanks Im trying am so sensitive and yet extremly confident with me, still not good with rejection, who is, . My only problem is Im not a pla<x>yer like most guys. I hate playing, at least with peoples minds.

It's good to be bold and confident, just be yourself it's the best way.