I'll Always And Forever Be Your Gullible Little Girl

I remember perfectly how blindly I believed every word you spoke.
I remember how I would defend you from others who called you a liar.
I remember never truly knowing who you were.

I am not who I used to be though... I am not like before.

I wonder how many lies you told or how many times you laughed at my stupidity. Although I've never truly regretted being this way. I must admit, it's in my nature to believe.

If I gave you my trust... it wouldn't be trust if I did not believe in you and if you were truly my friend, then how dare you abuse of the trust I have wholeheartedly given you?

It's not my responsibility whether I am lied to or not. It is yours if you choose to damage my heart.
However... it is also my fault is it not? I am the one who chooses to trust you, but I am more sensible than what it is believed and even more than what I show.
I can easily be hurt and I only trust a couple of very good friends. Thus, I expect them to trust me in return... and love me how I have loved them.

The last time we spoke, friend, you responded to something you've been asked as "No." when happily I ask "Wow really?!" and you suddenly say "Of course I have haha, you're so gullible" I was immensely surprised, somehow even hurt.


Adjective: easily deceived or cheated
Synonyms: credulous, trusting, naive, innocent, simple, green

If this is truly what you truly think of me? Is this how you see me?

I am not blind to the things you do. I am not blind to who you are.

I've been present while you are selfish, self centered or when you lie. Trust me... it is not that I am naive or innocent... it is that I choose to believe you, because one day your guilt will caught up to you and you will have to spit it out in regrets. You will ask for forgiveness and you shouldn't be afraid because the reason I believe in you, is because I know you are a good man. For which reason I stay here and wait. When you come around I'll hold you closely to my heart, I'll hug you and kiss those sad eyes of yours and I will forgive you for telling me the truth.

Truly with love,
                           Your #1 BFF

SeaOfSecrets SeaOfSecrets
18-21, F
Oct 1, 2011