My Girl Friend And Jasmin

My GF just started at a new job and soon became friends with her boss. One friday she called and said her boss was comin over for dinner that she would be home at 5 and her boss would be by at 7. Everything was fine my GF came home we chatted while she showered talkin about work and her boss. She said jasmin was asian and really pretty but wouldn't describe her to me.

So i went down to get dinner started lettin my GF cassy finish up. She came down stairs wearing a thin sun dress no bra and a lacy black thong. Jasmin pulled up 30 min early as GF and i were cookin and havin a drink. The bell rang and cassy went to answer it. She led jasmin in by the hand to introduce her to me.
I looked at both of them speechless for a sec then MY GF nudged me cat got your tongue. I shook it off sayin hi to her boss that looked smokin hot. A perfect body and wearing a black skirt with a low cut white sleeveless blouse and smart girl glasses. I offered her a drink as i turned to get it she pinched cassys *** but i ignored it.

They sat at the bar drinkin as i cooked and i had a view of thier legs. Jasmines skirt eased up so i had full view of her panties. They were buzzed by now and jasmin had a hand on my GF 'S leg rubbin in on her thigh. I made plates bringin them to the couches to eat. After dinner we drank more and both girl were drunk by now at 10 so i went to clean up some seein them grop each other when i sat down my GF'S **** were nearly out dress pulled up and jasmin had her shirt undone skirt hiked up.

I said she had to stay the night she was to drunk to drive they laughed and jasmin said only if she could sleep in our bed. I looked at my GF and said ok. Cassy went to bathroom and i went to get a **** movie to watch when she sat down it was 2 girls naked kissin i said they should try it too. They began to kiss then i said to loose some clothes.
Cassy was naked first i told her to sit back i would help jasmin undress. I got behind her unzipped her skirt lettin it fall she already had her shirt and bra off. then both cassey started to lick my **** and i was licking jasmin ***** too and then kissin her boobs with licking her beautiful tites i was totally enjoyed it was unforgettable night
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you had a blast that night.