Always Changeing

i am not who i use to be, i changed, we all change.
some change for better, some for worse,
we're always changing, no matter what anyone else says,
I just hope my changes are for better and not worse...
wannaelectrodance wannaelectrodance
18-21, F
6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Well that happened to me too I always change but people can't accept that :)

very true we all change we just have to help we changed for the better

I've changed political affiliation and I never thought I would, this is true. ;P

Well said! :)

We do change. The rate of change usually slows down with time and who we are becomes more fixed and permanent.

Not all of us changes though, there will be a part of you now which will always be there. This is the real immutable you. Try to find it and understand it. Try to make the changable you harmonic to the unchanging one.

off course buddy changing is the name of life and alive and i wish we will change for better