Once The Gullible Giver

Yes I was once a gullible giver. Hard to imagine that now, hard to imagine there ever being a time when innocent and me went together but there was such a time. Glorious yet tragic due to the fact that I was innocent, flew by the seat of my pants and gave of myself freely to anyone who came asking. I was blindly loyal, insanely faithful to a dream and to a psychologically disturbed family at the time. At times, I do take a moment to take stock of things and try to remember the foolish boy I was but that is often when I make stupid mistakes all over again, when I feel I didn't learn my lesson. Other times I feel a curious sense of nostalgia for it could be argued that ignorance like a drug - provides a beautiful oblivion of bliss.

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5 Responses Oct 9, 2009

Right on, life lessons are rough ones but once you get them down, everything gets better...

The pain of the past may make us afraid to fly again , it may make the sky that at one time we saw as pure freedom , now seem as a scary vast empty place that can swallow us whole . That is when we need to take flight to soar to make ourselves face that fear and make the skies our home again. Being land bound may be safe , may be painless , may be comfortable . But it is when we are flying with a chance of falling that we truly live. <br />
I am sorry for your pain soul and wish you that which you seek

It breaks my heart a little to see innocence lost. But yes, I agree with lucky pickle. After all it didn't break you. Made you stronger instead.

to be human is err which means u are constanly going agianst the "accepted the normal" but as humans we are constantly changing and always doing things that we never thought we would be doing some people accept it and others deny it <br />
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Love is ment to given freely there are some who will misuse it abuse it or cherish it even people who will drain it and drain you until your begging for out once you find what you need youll know that these changes are just things you needed to get to that now <br />
i live with 5 others these people are my lovers my family i cherish all of them and they are irreplaceable i share my bed with everyone of them and read stories to all of them every night we are home and totally lost in ourselves some day youll find your home until then continue to change for your now

You are constantly growing and improving bro. Just don't let go of youself completely....or give up on trust. It will happen one day soon.