I Used To Be Tough

I used to be so tough.  I was fearless once.  I didn't let anyone bring me down and I never put up with people hurting my friends.  I had dreams and plans and I knew I was going to get there.  I knew I'd make it happen, there wasn't any question about it.  I don't feel so strong anymore.  I feel like I've been worn down, broken.  All my fire is going out.  I have a little left, but that will be gone soon too.  I used to know where I was going, but now I feel so lost.

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Its called growing up. If at 21 you feel can't make it, then you give up way too easy. . Very little of any real worth or value can be accomplished in less that 10 yrs. So stay in the game. You have fallen hard for the first time. If you truly are strong it won't be that last time. Why? because strong people pick themselves back up. Now pick yourself up for the first time. AND, If you plan to run, prepare to fall, pick yourself back up - repeat - repeat - repeat - till you get what you want out of life. That is just how its done. My advice is this: Sit down, reflect hard on what you want, make a plan (write it down). Follow it. best you can, change it when you need to, keep it close and don't let anyone derail it. :)

Life has a way of catching you off -guard. Nothing comes on a silver platter and nothing is for free. You have to fight for everything you need and take up arms for what you want. No shame in feeling this way, Everyone does from time to time.

Wow. I totally feel the exact same way. I used to be so strong. Strong teenaged kid. WTF happened?