Life Will Pass Me By

i will never be one who says "i've had a great life, no regrets" etc.... i hear ppl say that and i envy them. i guess because of my disorder i won't ever have a "dream" job, i will never have many friends, i'll never travel where i might want to see (and i do want to see). i will continue to let opportunities pass me by, i will continue to stay in the dead end job i'm in instead of following my dreams. i keep telling myself that your never to old to change and do what you want. but call me negative,,,,but i know i'll never change
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It's very difficult for some people to know what it's like to be ill and some people can't understand the grey areas of life, they see everything as black and white.<br />
there are those that know how to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and who have understanding and can sympathize.<br />
Due to circumstances in my life beyond my control I've never been able to lead my own life or take charge of it. I've never had the money to travel or the opportunity. I've never been in an airport. I've never been to a concert. I don't get to go to the movies or have dinner out or go to theme parks and on and on.<br />
Since I'm basically a shut-in I read a lot. <br />
I struggle with my weight too since the pain I'm in and the fatigue I have stops me from getting the exercise I need.<br />
I hope you can find something that helps. I've been listening to meditation videos on youtube. It's not miracle cure, but the videos are relaxing. I've read every self help book and listened to every cd the library has to offer. They can be frustrating as a lot of them say "take the world by the horns" that type thing and for those who have illnesses it can be impossible, but I enjoyed reading them all and listening to them. I listen to Louise L Hay and Deepok and a number of others and stress relief meditation, loving yourself meditation and positive affirmations. I just lay down on the couch and close my eyes. I usually use the headphones.<br />
If nothing else, it's relaxing and doesn't hurt :)<br />
take care. I wish you well and I hope you can find some thing to help bring some happiness into your life

I appreciate you commenting on this story i wrote such a long time ago....things have gotten much alot of things do in was a beautiful and heartfelt comment to my story....(hugs)

Jesseelane, that's a bold statement.................i would be a fool to believe i'm the only person who feels that way......GOODNESS!.......what would you have me do for "people like myself"?<br />
<br />
God bless you darlin for having everything you need in's funny how people are very quick to think they understand another human beings life.............indeed!

if you have regrets why no do something about it, you think you are the only person that feels like you do? or is in the same situation? why not do something for people like yourself! goodness! settling is just as bad! its not doing anyting and thats a regret too

Oh man. You don't have to be thin to be loved. I've seen that proven so many times. I was at a conference this weeked and their were probably ten couples madly in love with eachother and one or the other or both were very heavy and they had spouses who loved them and cared for them. Be loving, be happy with you and boldly enjoy your life. Bless you baby. Shoot me an e-mail anytime. I don't always check this site. But when i do I'll be sure to get back to you.

I will never be thin again. I'm just coming to grips with that and realizing that along with that comes the fact that I will never be loved. I've tried everything but my body is not strong enough to fight the uphill battle that means losing weight. It isn't just the thyoid disease, it is because I am disabled and unable to exercise. So I eat right and do what I can but I never lose a pound. Every doctor and nutritionist has tried everything. So this is it. I'm never going to be the person I want to be.