What I Was

What i was before is not who i am anymore which i think that's pretty clear...

I use to be a kid many people thought i was just an innocent boy but naw that is not the case.. i was a thief when i was about 7 i stole from all places it really didnt matter to me where i stole from as long as i got what i got. then one day a girl told on me for and i was sent to the principals office and got in trouble with little kid BS until i reached 4th grade was when i stopped completely and also i stole many times from my dad he only cared if i stole from him he didnt care if i stole from stores or not just not to steal from him. and also i didnt care about anyone else but me .. me was all i cared about and i was a weak kid if people wanted to fight me i would back off or just talk crap. and i really wouldnt like to talk to anyone and i wouldnt show my emotions to anyone but my mom

NOW you wanna fight its alright with me im not going to back off i dont care how big or old you are if you want to fight ill fight doesn't matter to me. And now its me who i hardly think of i was have in my mind others and how to help them or something about them but i put others before me. im stronger than most the school i am in . my friends see me as this fighter that wont have mercy on you which is true but some friends that really know me also see me as this kind caring person that wants to take care of everyone and wants to help anyone he can. and now i dont show my emotions to anyone not even my mom ill show you my emotions if i trust you or see good inside you but besides that all your seeing is a dude that wont back off and will fight till the end and takes care of his family and friends that is all your gonna see. and also i dont steal anymore and i try hard in life to reach my goals.
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That's amazing that you are so great towards your family and your friends! I hope we can become great friends! I also show no mercy in a fight.

Yea but I live woth,my uncle cause my mom and my dad kicked me out of the house ... I really hope we do become good friends :)

I'm really sorry. :( I'm here for you.

Naw dnt be sorry its cool:) n im here for u anytime :)

Thank you so much. :)

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