I Have Feelings Too...

Where to begin? I don't even know. Well, I guess for starters, school. I feel that the other people there think I am a good person who doesn't care what people say because I am a freak in their eyes. However, I would like them to try and live in my shoes for a change. I live with my mom and dad, and they are complete polar opposites. They fight and bicker constantly, sometimes it'll die down but then it erupts all over again. I don't have any siblings, just a puppy. We all moved to a different state last year after having stayed in California for my entire life. My mom didn't really want to go because she knew that we were gonna have problems with my dad (who constantly upsets her). However, we moved, and while mom says it was her fault (as we have been having trouble after trouble here), I feel that it was my fault because I really wanted to got to public school as I had been home-schooled all my life, ad mom always says that my schooling was the reason she came here. So I wish people at school wouldn't make it so hard for me. It's not like I can talk to anyone, since I'm not supposed to talk about this. Anyway, I just wish they could see from my point of view. That's all.
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I have some of the same problems but i moved from Virginia after living there my whole life and now i have gone to rehab i have been arrested and i am going to go to a diversion program because i failed to make a good start here and now im kicked out of school and still trying to go with my dream of being a psychologist and work with the man who has been and will be someone i idealize because he is a good person and an understanding person who has always told me to try and learn from my mistakes and he still thinks that i can fulfill my dream of working with him when im older.

Just don't let it effect you to the point where you become anti-social and get into bad habits...people now a days can't have problems because they're just waiting to have an excuse to drink or w.e.......everyone has problems to deal with and you seem young so stick to your studies, get a well paying job later on and live happy...for now just try to brush it off and don't let people bring you down..