Losing Sight Of The Light

Losing sight of the light

A light shinning bright, defies darkness of night.
It empowers our sight, while consoling our fright.
The power of light mirrors our power within,
Just like the light, our power can dim.
Neglected through life, riddled with sin,
My power within has faded to dim.
I’ve lost inner structure; I’m falling apart.
I long to renounce the laps in my heart.
I beg from within, repair all my sin.
Revoke my mistakes; repent how I’ve been.
Endless attempts, cried alone in the dark,
My light from within, now only a spark.
No longer enough to show me the way,
Ignored altogether, while slipping away..
My light now a spark mirrors my power within,
Cold, thin, and dim, destroyed by my sin.
Wastedpotential220 Wastedpotential220
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Why should our past define our future? The past is past, as hard as it can be to accept. It can not be changed. It is written. Only your choices can determine your future. Sometimes that choice is merely to not allow that spark to dim further, rather than being miserable waiting for the door to open wide, filling your life with light. Accept tiny victories and build upon them. One breath at a time, one foot in front of the other. No, its not poetry or prose. But it will get you through today I speak from experience It's exactly what I do every day.