I'm 26 and thought I had most of my life going smoothly. To everyone around me, I'm fine and okay. I have nothing wrong going on. I am this compassionate guy who is always willing to help when and where I can.

However, about 2 years ago, i totaled my car, 6 months later I was laid off, and about 8 months after that I broke several ribs. Now, I feel like everything about me is up in the air. I don't know which way is up anymore.
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I have had one bad luck after another in my life as well. You will be fine. I'm not trying to be cliche. So many good things will happen in your life/future, that you will forget this bad episode and think you're one of the few lucky people to live. This too is part of life.<br />
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It's ok to think (and worry a little) about what is happening to you. But allow this "season" to pass, and things will eventually fall back in place. I experienced it.<br />
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There was a particular year I fell really ill, in a foreign country I didn't have a place to call home because someone broke into my apartment (I lived in a really nice neighborhood) and assaulted my best friend; so, I had to move out of there for my saftey. That same year, I lost my job, moved 7 times. My mother fell into a coma, went through a horrible breakup e.t.c.<br />
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I survived. Now, it all feels like I'm telling someone else' story. Trust me, it always work out!

From experience, when you are already down, life will take the opportunity to kick you in the ***. I know exactly what you are going through. It is a one-two punch right in the nose, and that **** hurts.