Who Am I ?

Don't be afraid by my profile on EP. I'm married with a gentle woman. Alas, she don't understand my 'particularity'.
She love me only like a 'man'. My soul is so feminine but 'crashed' in a male envelope. It's the reason why I search
friend (F) who can understand my feminity. I apologize for my poor English (I'm a French [girl]..LOL..)
Never chat or speak sex, please ! Only I try to give a mirror of my feminity.
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do what u think and that u want.that's only.

i like what you had to say. Now did you name yourself Julie? How did you get that name? I have a daughter named Julia. It really is a nice name. ♥

As a closet CD I know only to well about my two side. One the hill medic in a mountain rescue team. Out in ****** weather keeping people alive in crop conditions. And the fluffy pink panty person who wants to show all but is terrified to do so.

Awww.....Julie you are more female than many of the females born with the proper equipment. lol Seriously, I can see how feminine your soul is. You talk like a woman. A sensitive, kind, caring, compassionate, beautiful woman! You are lovely dear!

aww sweetie You made me blush.. *blushes*.... You're so cute with Your lil Julie :D

I think you are a beautiful lady. We are two of a kind. Beautiful women who look like men. I wish only the best for you! ^-^

Aww sweetie, You make me blush... *blushing*... These are lovely words worthy of a great friend (◕‿◕❀)

I only ever tell the truth. Nothing short of it. Is there really need to thank for the truth? ^-^

Awww... You're so cute... really I'm delighted... Thanks to be so open-minded, not easy to show me as woman on EP... some are so... stupid... but I'm really femme inside.. :)

I know it's hard. An everyday struggle. But people can be stupid, and I'll still be smiling. People can judge, and I'll still love them. I hope you find your true happiness inside. I can tell you deserve it. With love, Amber. ^-^

Beautiful words ... it is so true ... although if I cry sometimes...
Why not to become friends ... :)

Why not? I love having new people by my side I can call "friends". And who better than a fellow sister? Yes, let's be friends. :3

fellow sister..... mmmm :)

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I've never thought it really mattered, weather you feel feminine or not. You are you, people shouldn't judge that. I've never felt like I had to tolarate anyone who felt differently than they looked. I have a friend who feels the same way you do, and he's one of my best friends, I've never judged him for anything about him. He's perfect :) So are you.


Wow!!!!! I think you would be the IDEAL person for me, a man with a feminine soul!!! Oh WOW AGAIN! LOL Too bad you are married.....just kidding :P , she is lucky, you both are lucky to have love! ....:)


Be yourself as much as is comfortable for you to be at any given time in your life. No one has the right to choose the identity of another. The way in which you choose to freely self-identify is your right. Good to read such an open account of life. Thank you Julie.

Reason why I'm on EP. Could speak about my 'feeling'..lol

I have read your contribution! :D and i have to say! i love you!!! and who you are! Your personality shines through my computer screen like the sun! on a brilliant sunny day! :D And oh!! boy! i am so lucky to know!! and am able to call you my friend! :D I'm honoured to have you in my circle! :D <br />
<br />
Fabulous post and i thank you so much for sharing!! my darling!!!! :D :D <>

Thanks, sweetie. You're so open-minded. As rare to find friend as You are. I'm proud to have You in my circle too. You're a superb friendly friend.. (✿◠‿◠)

Your sweet! I understand you and support you and like you as a friend just as you are :)

Thanks dear. You're a sweet Lady. I'm proud to be Your friend :D

My most gentle, sweet sister,<br />
I can honestly say that I've never met a more generous, loving, kind and sweet person than you. The discerning people on ep surely can't help but see you as such. <br />
You fill my heart with joy and peace and I truly feel honoured to be considered among your friends.<br />
With love<br />

Aww, You make me blush ! (◕‿◕❀)

Well I've told you before but I had seen your comments around EP and so finally decided to check out your profile. From reading your comments, stories, and groups...I think you are a pretty cool person :) I like that you are always positive, kind and respectful. You are one of my best found Gem on EP.

I understand *Hugs* - it is only through lack of understanding that would make a person afraid of you.

Thanks, Miss Teeny :)

bonsoir Julie,<br />
merci pour ton partage! et oui il y a d'autre "filles" "âmes" "sœurs" ici sur EP qui parlent en français! je serais ravi(e) de partager à l'occasion et d'échanger avec toi, car je me sens également entre homme et femme, conscient de cette dualité...la féminité me fascine, à la fois pour ce que je suis et ce que je ressens comme un manque....je rêve d'être androgyne, de pouvoir me débarrasser de mes propres jugements et de ceux des autres...ça reviens au même...<br />
alors belle âme-soeur, bonne continuation, et pê à bientôt!<br />
amicalement,<br />

My perfect, beautiful Julie.<br />
You are so completely deserving of these declarations of love and support and so, so much more. You've never said a harsh word to anybody, you're completely open, honest and so very generous with your time, your love, your wisdom.<br />
I'm proud and glad that you're my wonderful, gentle sister. So proud, truly. xxx

You're an Angel for me :D Thanks sweet friend :)

You are perhaps one of the most beautiful souls I have been blessed with. You are part of me. You are special in my eyes and many others. You are as wise as the prophets and as gentle as a dove. You have much Love and Compassion and the genuine desire to share your light for all of mankind. You Julie, are indeed an Angel among us.<br />
<br />
:) Ten thousand kisses and one.<br />
<br />

This time, I blush to behind the ears. :o
Thank you sweetheart. :)))

Nice to hear you say so. And congratulations for not being afraid to talk to me !

I've not read much of your writing yet but you have said kind and supportive things on the profiles of two friends. I think you deserve to find the same kindness in return.

I believe that you are perfect in who you are. Embrace yourself and love yourself. Dont allow anyone to put you down. You are just the way you should be.

Thank you for these words so deep and charming. I am glad to hear you. You speak wisely. Thanks more !

Didn't the ancient Greeks think we were all the culmination of the male and the female and that we were always trying to find our other half.As long as you are happy in your self ,nothing else really matters does it ?

Very well said. I am happily married, happy in life and in my profession. As you say I am happy in myself. Only the problem is my inner feminine who disturbs me.
Thanks for comment. :)

So do you think you are a transgender?

No, I'm not. I'm only girly in my dreams.... :)

You're welcome <3


You're French!? That's amazing <3. I understand your femininity and value it, very much so.. :).

Thanks, lil flower :)

@AfftyT : Thanks to share & to accept me as I am :)

what's on the outside doesn't matter. if you have the soul and spirit of a woman, you ARE a woman. and you ARE beautiful no matter what body you're in.

Thanks for Your tolerance :)