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People Surrounding Me Don't Know Who I Am Actually

Most of  the people  saw the  outside gestures of me. They don't have any idea about  me. I do things what  I  feel  inside  so spontinuously, sometimes it fits with the society, n sometimes not. When it  fits  they conclude  I am  good girl , coz  I want  to  follow  the rules, it's not because  I luv  to  follow " rules " to be a good girl. If I follow any rule it's because I believe that particular. People  hav  to have the eye  to see me. Then only  they can understand  what I like n what I don't like n why .They have to be very sensitive . But I think most of the people conclude so fast  like  she/he is smart, cool, or introvert.....always they see the outside of  person. They don't hav the time to think deeply.

I  think  I am memtally lil bit sick. But  I can do all the things like " normal "  people.  I  go by  my  instinct  mostly....I mean I  like to ..but sometimes I hav to  act  for  the society ...I hate hypocrisy......I also  do  it  sometimes. I  felt sorry inside but nobody can understand my  felings, they  simply laugh at me..
Some of my  colleagues  told  why I  think  too much,.....just get on with the process n hav  fun ..enjoy. life blah..blah..I don't like these  advice , I didn't even asked  for  an advice ....I didn't say  these  but  just  smiled at  him. They  thought  I am shy  coz  I just  smiled.......I can tell  my perspective, but  I know they wouldn't  take it seriously  n I know they   didn't understand.  Any way  what  they conclude about me  was true I think........I am shy.
It's like  total procedure of  ur  mathematics n  the way of  solving the problem  was  wrong but somehow answer  matches with the correct one.

I don't believe  there  is any  freedom of speech. Everyone  says you can  freely  tell  your feeling  but they  r  not enough mature to respect other's view.
they  are not at all flexible.
richa12345678 richa12345678 22-25, F 1 Response Apr 5, 2011

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very understandable,,I respect your view point,,wish I could help you with the shy part your feeling