Unknown Identity

I dont even know myself anymore. When i started to feel a little different i wondered why, but now everythings piled up to the point that i dont know how to deal with any of it, so i dont. Only 2 friends know everything im going through, and one im starting to grow apart from. everyone else just sees me smiling and getting good grades and getting upset over low scores but no one knows what im feeling, and no one guesses. Everyone thinks im stupid for caring about some stuff that i do and they dont listen when i explain it. I just dont care about any of what they care about anymore, and i cant find anyone else who thinks the way i think.
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1 Response Sep 30, 2011

Well, it is called puberty. But if you are concerned, you might see a doctor. It isn't really good to feel disconnected from everything you once cared about. I was going through a bunch of stuff when I was young and I felt disconnected. but I also had the odd sensation that everything I was seeing was very far away and I was hearing everything as if it was being transmitted through water . They said that due to the emotional things I was experiencing, I was disassociating.

My friends want me to see a doctor, i just dont care about what they are thinking, because i have cared about everyones problems for my whole life. The "water" thing, the way i get near it is i walk in the halls and everything moves really slow or really fast and i notice small things about everyone that passes.