I'm Not Who They Think I Am.

My extended family is extraordinarily conservative.

We've always been close, but the older I get, the more I realize how contingent that closeness is on the fact that they don't really know who I am.

I hear them talk about "those people", their words dripping with a frighteningly palpable mixture of pity, disgust, and utter contempt. (Liberals and heathens and queers, oh my!)

What they don't know is, I am one of "those people".

They're pitying me. They're disgusted by me. They abhor me.

They just don't know it yet.

Sooner or later, I'm going to have to make the choice between living authentically and losing the better part of my family.

Ultimately, I know what I have to do..

(And it breaks my heart.)

fillerbunny fillerbunny
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2007

I hear ya.<br />
I've recently discovered that I am a little bit bi.<br />
My wife always says with contempt "that guy's or that gal's bi".<br />
I would like to explore sexual situations with her but she's an utter prude when it comes to sex.<br />
She has no imagination and my perception of her ideas about sex are that sex and touching *** is dirty.<br />
Needless to say I am frustrated and not very happy in that department. If she only knew where my mind wanders when it comes to sex. She'd be mortified if I told her that I wanted to indulge in some bisexual activities and I want her to do the same. I'd love it if I could get her to do 3somes and swaps and swinger parties where it doesn't matter who's sucking who.

That may be a tough part to play but remember someone else will end up playing the supporting role sometime down the road then things get complicated and innocent people get hurt ,besides I bet you'll end up up finding the ones you think will be the most critical of you will end up your most ardent supporters.After all you are part of a much larger cast than you realize.

I feel you - fillerbunny. My family is very conservative and religious. Anyone who is not like them is a liberal sinner. I've always kept quite because who doesn't want to be loved by their own family. I feel like an outsider and have wondered if I was adopted at times. I even lie about my relationships because I know my family would not approve if they knew the truth.

LOL, I have to be adopted. I am so not like the rest of my family. I end up arguing with them all the time. Even though I am a conservative, I do have liberal ideas about certain things. But that's not what I get into arguments about. Usually that's relegated to their irresponsible lifestyles. They're always complaining about not having anything but they won't get or hold a job and they spend their money as fast as they make it. My mom, sister and bro have all filed BK at some point in their life and sometimes more than once. Yet they continue to espouse their woes about how unfortunate they are because they apply themselves. If you read my other comments, confessions and stories you'll see that I have a side of me that's not conservative. For instance I think it's ok to be bi. I'm sorta bi.

well im sorry you have to do what you have to do that really does suck im a new Dom here just signed up today message me if you want and we can get to know one another are you Dom or sub??

i know how you feel. my extended family pity people that are artists, and free spirits, because they think that they'll never suceed in life. well, i guess they're pitying me too, because i'm about as artsy as you get. i konw its not the same, but i made a choice to tell my family what's going on, and it didn't work out. but then, every family can't be the same, can they?

LOL wanna bet! Good luck to you and you should follow your desire to be artsy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Do they like art at all? Where would this world be without it?