From as far back as I remember I've been the kind of person that can adapt to any situation or to any type of people. I can get along with pretty much anyone...which is good...I just wish it wasn't the way I do it. I change who I am to fit in. I always have. I'll be one way around one type of person and 100% different around someone else. To the point that I've had close friends think I had gone crazy because they suddenly didn't recognize who I was by the way I was acting. To be honest I don't even actually know who I am because of it. I don't know if the way I'm acting or the things I'm doing or say is because that's me or because that's who I'm hanging around. It makes things confusing.
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They: What happen to you?!<br />
<br />
You: There are many sides of me. *Smiles*

You are trying to please them by changing to what they would be expecting someone they liked to be around, make sense? I used to do this, I just wanted to be friends with everyone, but we all know that's impossible. I consider myself a kind and understanding person, but doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm entitled to my opinion, weather someone likes it or not. To truly find out who you are: just be happy and go with your gut, and never let anyone influence you on making choices around people, if that makes sense. I hoped I've helped, best of luck :)

I can relate. I came from a very small town, grew up poor with no parents, no nothing. I moved when I was 10 to a really like, cookie cutter town, everybodys' parents had been together forever, all my schoolmates were rich, etc. I wanted to fit in so I acted like whoever I was around. I mimicked whoever I was with. If I was with my snob friends, I was the bigges snob. If I was around my laid back friends I was sooo laid back. If I was with my party friends, I drank and smoked the most. If I was with my ***** friends I had the dirtiest stories to tell and I was a virgin til I was almost 17. I totally was a chameleon, I wanted to blend in so badly tho.

This sounds just like my own mind sometimes. I've changed so much over the years to make everyone else happy, I don't even know who I am anymore.

I have felt the same way and in reallity you don't know who you are what i had to do is withdraw completely from those i could disconnect from and get a little quieter around those i had to have contact with trust almost a year later and im still stopping on some issues to see double check to see if the feeling i have are truly mine or the people i am discussing them with. Stop rejecting yourself because your afraid of rejection from others. Remember you can't please everybody all time so Stop Trying!!! Your worth getting to know so go for it.

hey.. this is just like me..i'm so completely different in the diff. aspects of my life, and i hate it.. i don't know what to do, im so confused.. in my family, im black sheep, the demon, the abuser, i bully my siblings.. then im kind to my friends-- there im the happy-type.. in my highschool friends, im the completely shy-kind-type, the one who's abused.. and in my cousins(father side), i dont talk at all, im the outcast.. and then im also different on strangers, and other types of people..<br />
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i dont know who i am anymore.. i hate it!<br />
<br />

Me too, to some extent. But I seem to be finding more of myself gradually. Trial and error. You'll not regret.

I can relate, I've found that I do that's a hard cycle to break, and it's hard to figure out WHO you really are....<br />
I guess a lot of soul searching is in order....