The Real Me

Everyone except you guys see the fake me. The "human" me. My human family and friends think that i'm just a regular human girl but I'm not. I wish they could understand, but they never would, so I keep my secret.
GirlAlphaWolf GirlAlphaWolf 16-17, F 5 Responses Feb 11, 2012

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I'm a dragon as well. Now you've met two! Most people have no idea what to think of me -- at least that's the feeling I get -- and it's not because of how I dress or look. It's just something in my character. I think perhaps genuine humans, those who are not trapped in human bodies as I am, sense my otherkin soul. And I think most humans are deeply uncomfortable with that. Not that it bothers me. ;-)

I kind of feel like that too, but to humans i guess im a little less "obvious" then you are. So now I have met two dragons-- cool

Wow, the real u is a wolf? Interesting.


you think u r a wolf entraped in a human's body?


what makes u so sure?

Well, I just know. If you aren't one, It's hard for me to explain it to you.

Furry? I have lots of fur friends, I like them, they are colorful and fun. In my past I was a dragon, I'd like to believe I really and truly am now, I suppose only time can tell, it may simply be a fantasy and a fetish.

Well, I hope you find out. I haven't met a dragon before, this is cool.

Well... Thanks! I suppose I am honored!

the reason is because adults cannot see minor's profiles.