I Lie To Myself Everyday And To Him

I wake up everymorning a fear of being judge and fear of losing the one person that cares about me. Honestly I am not the person I make myself out to be. I am in love with an old friend and I think I could be more interested in women than men. I try to fight this feeling but I can't no more. I am scared of what my family might say or think and I am terrified about what my fiancée might say or do I live in a shell of fear and play a role of another person.
MisfortunateLove MisfortunateLove
1 Response Feb 21, 2012

well when it comes down to it, i would really encourage you to be true to yourself. If your fiancee is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to somehow tell them of some of your thoughts about this, you may not need to tell them everything of how you think and feel but at least something that may relieve your stress and anxiety about the situation.<br />
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just a wild suggestion but maybe have your friend and fiancee over for a dinner party and see how all of you get along.<br />
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i dont really know what the right thing to do in this tricky situation, but i know you can get through it, even it is a little scary.

You are totally right. I will keep that in mind when she comes down. Thank you. I just need to figure the hard stuff out