To the Author of "I Am Not Who They Think I Am"

Please forgive me for my intrusion into your private world.   but since you have put it on here, it is perhaps for a reason.

Plerase remember that I by what I intend to say here, is not to criticize you in any way, but only to try and understand.

What I do mean to say here, is that you should be yourself, and not acting and pretend what you are not to try and make friends.  To me, the best policy is always best to be always true to your own nature.

If you are not and only act and pretend, then sooner or later, as you say yourself, your friends do not recognize you.

So, always be yourself, always be true to your own nature.

With all my love
France Chorley
Gabrielfc Gabrielfc
66-70, M
3 Responses Mar 27, 2007

Hi France,<br />
Actually there are multiple sides of who you are.<br />
No one is who they are all the time.<br />
You see yourself one way. Others see you another way. And then there's the how you think others see you.<br />
I think there are other configurations of this as well.<br />
So, to be true to yourself doesn't necessarily mean that others will really know you and that your true self may never reveal who you really are.

is this directed to one person or everyone?

People don't understand me and I don't act or pretend, I'm just me. It's more a case of unpopular by proxy or scapegoat or projecting how I was as a kid onto myself as an adult meanwhile I've grown and become a completely different person (in the case of my parents)