I am a shy, introverted person. This sometimes comes across as not being interested in other people, whereas actually I am but I don't know how to speak to people. I'm 43 years old and this has crippled me all my life. I am also a submissive male but my family and friends do not know that about me. There have been people that I have wanted to speak to but I can never seem to get past saying 'hello'. I hate being shy but I don't want to become a great big extrovert just would be nice to hold a conversation for more than a few seconds without seeing myself and the person I'm talking with becoming awkward.
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yup keep trying and practicing

just advice, try to find new place, and new people

or having goal about something and do that with the people share same goal too

good day!

I can understand how it feels, not being able to talk to people to much. That was like me, until not that long ago. Going on a holiday makes u have to talk to other people and every time u talk you'll come better. :)