A Secret **********

It's been about two years since I discovered that I'm a **********.

It happened on a business trip, late in the evening when I was cross dressed in my finest lingerie - a black lace baby doll negligee, black garter & nylons, black silk panties, with wig, makeup, nail polish, high heels, complete with an 8" butt plug planted firmly inside me.

I was sipping away on a vodka mixed drink and scanning Craigslist when I decided to take a look at a few of the men looking for men listings. As I scanned I continued to sip and my inhibitions melted away. Next thing I knew I was responding to an ad where a black man with a huge 9" **** was looking for someone to suck him off. I forwarded my stats along with a picture I snapped earlier of myself.

The man responded back quickly, saying i looked great and asking where I was located and whether not it was ok for him to bring his friend along. I'm not sure why, but I gave him the hotel and room number, and said it would be fine to bring his friend. I became very anxious and excited and downed the rest of my drink.

Within 20 minutes there was a knock on my door, I peered through to pep hole and saw a tall black man - I opened the door and saw that he had actually brought two friends, both black and fairly muscular. He saw I was surprised and said not to worry they just wanted to watch him get sucked off by a white *** - a chill went down my spine.

I closed the door and by the time I turned around the man was out of his gym clothes a slaying across my with the biggest **** I'd ever seen. The man said "get busy sucking *****." I climbed up on the bed and positioned myself to face his growing ****. Before I knew it my head was grabbed and my mouth pulled to his **** head.

"Suck it ***" the man said, while for himself into my mouth. The taste was somewhat salty as he worked my mouth over his **** head a down his shaft. After a few moments I found myself enjoying being used to suck ****, and even though I couldnt get most of his **** into my mouth he started to groan - the other two were shouted for me suck harder and faster - I did.

After another minute or so the man grabbed my head and held it tight as he forced his **** in and out of
my mouth and further down my throat on each stroke, causing me to gag. He groaned louder and then pushed hard a d held me in position as he came in hot jets, filling my mouth and forcing me to swallow.

Several more minutes went by untill he released my head and told me to licked him cleaned - the taste was incredible!

As he climbed off the bed, I sat up an saw the other two men had ******** and were stroking their equally huge *****.

That evening completely changed my life - before they had left I had sucked man off twice, giving me six creamy loads.

They told me from that point on I was their ********** and they would be back for more and they'd let their friends know where to find the new BBC ***** **********.
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God, i wish i could do that. I love black men.