Impathetic? More Like Apathetic.

People always tell me that im impathetic. It makes me laugh,because i more than anything,am apathetic.i honestly dont care about anyones problems except my own.that may make me a selfish and self centered person,but its always beem this not even sure why people are my friend...i really am just a narcisist. And deep down,that saddens me.i want to care for peoples feelings,and i try my best...but i really just cant.i wish people would realize this.that way they wouldnt have to know someone as self centered as me...
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1 Response May 13, 2012

i'm sure theres more good in you than you think. The fact that you feel bad about the way you are means you have a good conscience. If people say you're empathetic then you probably show it without realising it. Like you, i'm also hard on myself. I think i am things when other people say otherwise. Sometimes people know us better than we know ourselves.