Friendship is Impossible on internet

I always look for people who are kind and generous but on internet i think everybody acts like that however only a few of them might be the same in real life... I wish to have a friend who would be there with me at all times and would let me become a part of his/ her life.. I want to go outings, click photos,  sing songs, dance off, party on, shout with a real human being.. People on internet are good and kind but they can not replace a real human being.. they just can't... that's why i don't think friendship on internet is possible.. The thought that i would never be able to make a friend via internet makes me wanna delete everything and stop wasting my time here.. but in a hope that someday somehow i will meet a friend in real life i will keep this account open..
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That's, I hope we meet in real life. You sound like my style friend! Until then, blessed be, and stay safe and happy! :-)

Would love to meet you too ^__~


Well, swat cat, you never know when you might bump into a person who can teleport & do psychic stuff... :P

Or someone like Doraemon.. XD

Exactamundo! :D

I've been reading the responses & your comments and I agree a bit. I am fortunate to easily make friends. Of course I'm the type that would rather have a few close REAL friends than a bunch of friends that won't be their when you need them. <br />
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Online friendship is a different that being with someone in person, but I wouldn't say it's totally impossible. Of course when you're far you can conduct the friendship like a real one. Real in this case meaning that you aren't physically together, but it could still benefit a person in some way sometimes. It's good to meet like minded people, because then you don't feel like as much of a outcast. Of course finding those people in real life and online can be a challenge but in a way that's what makes it fun. <br />
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Personally I like having online friends and real life friends too. Because there's usually always someone to talk to :3

ok but can u tell me where is the "choose as best answer" button?.. i liked ur reply... :)

Awww thanks :3

u're welcome.. ^__^

In real life may be you are able to do so with friends<br />
but don't you think friendship is not just about similarities but about acceptance of differences too<br />
here you might be able to find friends who are quite different from you and you could learn to accept them.<br />
then again distance is no bar for true friendships.

yes,.. In real life its hard to find people who can accept the differnce which is easy over the internet.. but its hard to meet such people(from internet) in real coz most of them live way too far from me!..

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-Italian Proverb

I.. don't understand what u mean... ???

Certainly found way better freindship online then I ever have in real life, lol.<br />
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Easier with ep as well, to find.. hmm equal minded people, even tho naturaly most people are unique ofc, but far more similar then anyone Ive met in in person.<br />
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Always felt like an alien with everyone I met really, lol.

I feel the same way in real life... like an alien.. lol.. its really so easy to find good people using social networking sites like ep.. but i wish we can actually meet them somehow.. it would be like a wish come true.. ^__^

the warewolf experiment's not workin out?? :P :D

nope.. so now i'm on the weretiger one.. : P

:D maybe weirdtiger????
well i belive a good friendship could come out of the internet...maybe somtimes we just seems to search for people who are a bit far off...?

I always try to search people better than me.. though when i find them they are too far from me.. so shameful... : P