No One Knows Me

Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder if I even know myself. Some people are clueless; they think they can see into your soul upon first glance. Everyone thinks I'm a calm, caring, kind, intelligent person. I guess you could say that I am, but they don't know what goes on in my head.
If we could see into people's minds, would it alter our perception of them? I often wonder what could be beyond the mysterious shell that keeps us oblivious to a person's true nature. 
There are some things that you keep to yourself. Things that you just don't tell people. I feel like these things truly define us.
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Very true. I have different personality from what my friends think of me

Your right them thing do define us and no one can ever really understand us truly from a outsiders point of view until we open up to someone and share it with them but that mysterious shell can be a way of hiding fear too.

I totally agree with you. very well written. people think they know you, but there is a side to everyone that is secret. I write stuff just like this. We need to learn how to connect our inner selves to our outer selves. anyways, just as John Stanley once wrote: "Life happens when the tectonic power of your speechless soul breaks through the dead habits of your mind."

look dear, i want to apologize right away for being rude, but i have to tell you this... you have 562 friends in your circle, me supposed to be the 563rd... how do you expect to connect to someone when you have to be all around to give a fracture of your attention to each one of them... and even if you dont pay attention to most of them, this shows just how important it is to have a FEW really good friends... <br />
i used to be like you, still i can tell that most of people dont know me, even my own family... but thats something i learned to live with, and i found some amazing people on here, i opened to them and they like the real me :) <br />
just open up, find one person to stat with and open up to him/her :) then youll find a few but worth people, who deserve to know the real you :)<br />
lots of love, m.

I understand where you're coming from, but for me, having too many friends in my circle isn't really an issue. The point of my story was to illustrate the barriers that keep us apart from people. That no one can truly know us, no matter how much we open up to them.
Maybe I do have quite of lot of people in my circle, but to be honest, it doesn't keep me from connecting and opening up to certain people. I appreciate your advice though. I like to have a lot of friends on here that I can support when they need someone. I might not message all of them all at once, but I keep an eye on stories and statuses so that I can message them if I feel like I can relate or help. Have a nice day. :)

youre a nice person :) you too have a nice day :)

Life is a puzzle, a puzzle with the last piece always missing.

Hmm good point made, very true. I do this weird thing where I tell my life as a story in my head.. for example: "And so the young girl sits at her computer screen, a small grin playing on her lips." It kinda makes me feel like i know whats going on :3

I think society tells us alot of the time who we should be, how we should act & what is right...<br />
Many times i have wanted to yell & scream, just because i am annoyed with what ever is going on that day, but no i act like i should, the way i am expected to. <br />
We get on with life the best way we know how but abiding by the way society dictates to us how we should be.<br />
Have you ever seen someone totally loose their mind in the middle of the street & think to yourself 'maybe that person is mentally ill or has a problem'<br />
Have you ever seen disabled people people who dont always know or care what others think & just act how ever they want to & thought to yourself 'wow wonder what is wrong with that person, it must be hard to deal with that all your life'<br />
These people are the people who are true, who show their true self, who dont care what others think of them, who dont care what society has to say about them.<br />
Have you ever thought to yourself upon seeing incidents like this 'i really wish i could just let it all out when i want to also & be accepted as just being part of me'?<br />
People should accept people for who they are, the way the act, the spontaneous things that different people do depending on how they feel & what is going on in their life. Too many people are too quick to judge others & yet they confide with society & never let their true personas out either... I know i am one of them too

Over time people have just become careless and ignorant. They don't see the beauty in others, meaning who they are. Its crazy. I wish people knew how i truly am but nobody notices the real me. They only notice what they think they see. I hate that, i sometimes just want to lay everything out to everyone but i realize that it would be pointless since nobody cares anymore. /: Some people live as if they were already dead. you get me ? I guess its just worth it to wait to see whose willing to try and get to know us fully /:

Hmm good post, I've thought this as well, if we didnt have social barriers would things be easier? I think if we were to express what we thought totally there would be more madness and just spontaneous living ...chaos!

i totally agree and i wonder if my friends would still like me if they knew everything that goes through my mind. i feel like i always have to hide my feelings because nobody really understands. <br />
A lot of people say i'm like bipolar because my mood changes so quickly and i'm like a person one day and then the other day i'm an entire different person. i don't know if this happens to everybody or if i'm just weird and i should know who i am :/ guess i'll find out someday.

I hardly know who I am. One day I'll wake up as a different person. Nobody knows who I really am. And, I don't think anyone ever will.

Well spoken, When do we ever know our selfs?

I don't even know me- I continue to surprise myself.

Same here! :)