I Have Done Some Things That N...

I have done some things that nobody knows about, and will probably never know.  I am never telling...
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We all did things we regret at one time or another and. some of us are able to keep those things private, which is not always a bad thing. These choices probably defined who you are today. You can't let them eat at you though...that's where it gets quite destructive...

Unless you are a believer with a meaning such as 'God is in all of us'. If your 'soul' is in 'God' then it means that spiritually every other believer knows all your secrets.<br />
If you are a free thinker thus have nothing to do with 'God' then you can keep secrets hidden. I have private thoughts with Richard and we keep them private, thus between true friends. If I do not want him to know then I keep them a secret, but because we are honest with each other totally we have no secrets. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was honest with each other?

Only you know what you are hiding which constantly bugs you! This might help to unbug you!<br />
<br />
Your life is Your Responsibility!<br />
The more loving and giving you are now to all that lives, in all dimensions the better your future does become. <br />
Those who do wrong create a future in which people are trying to hurt you. <br />
If you did kill a busload of people and commit suicide at the same time there would be great anger from all those you have killed. Until recently we thought that those people would be dead or go to Heaven and that would be that! <br />
Why is it then that a young boy of 8 hears voices all the time and is afraid of going to sleep? Why is he afraid of being with other people? Why is his mind so busy with the voices that he cannot concentrate at all? Where do those voices come from?<br />
Why is it that he is a grandson of an SS General who killed many people in WW2? Why does he look like him? <br />
The many questions do give the answer!<br />
If you want to help someone with all these voices then just play 'Desperado' by Richard Clayderman and admit that you are desperate to help this person. You can do it! If that person is on medication then just keep it going for it does help the person to place a veil over the situation in his or her mind a little. <br />
You are to examine that persons family, like their grandparents, siblings thereof and all other people who have left their bodies. Find a person who either was with many voices, or did harm many people. That person is of the same gender you will find out. Just get all the information you can from family and friends like cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren etc. etc. <br />
You have to work to help this person, followed by a sort of game. I am one person who defies believing in God for there is something that is dangerous for people who do. Many of the 'voices' do say they are God and that the person is compelled to do what he or she does command in order to gain Heaven. The game you can call 'Gods' Game', for this is to help all those who say they are God. It is a story too, for you are to say that God is behind very big doors and only you can see God if you open the doors. Place a key on a table and say that this key does unlock those doors. To take the key and to imagine that the door unlocks just a little bit and that God will appear before you. Give God your light, surrounding God completely and let your light go inside God. Say to God that you have done so much wrong to have hurt him/her and then just imagine that he/she does disappear. For a child place the key on a piece of paper and trace it, putting a gold was on it. <br />
Do it the next day and keep on doing it until that person is finding out that the 'voices' are getting less and that he/she is starting to sleep well. Just do this too for yourself as well and you will find it is a time you want to have because you feel so much better playing it. <br />
At a certain time there are no more Gods, and then there re other images as well who need you help too. Go on and on with this until you find that there are no more people behind the doors so you do not need the key at all! It is like you open the doors and there is an empty room! That means that you have gained Peace of Mind! This is what Richard Clayderman has done, and I too so long ago dear friend. That is why we give so much peace for we do have it to give. We do not thank God, but thank the people who we do meet. We do not pray or ask, but thank and smile! We are able to embrace, able to express the love we do feel inside us. That is why the music is so positive you know!<br />
Think dear friend and then just know that we are with you because we want to help you!<br />
Lots of light given with love from Yolanthe

i have very few things that i have totally hidden from everyone, but the ones ive kept secret, best stay that way

i have very few things that i have totally hidden from everyone, but the ones ive kept secret, best stay that way

i've done some things that i'd never tell, but u make choices and sometimes u just hav 2 face them 2 accept it. We all have our secrets.

so have i...and im so ashamed of some of the things ive done that i really will never tell anyone :(