I Have So Many Sides To My Personality!

I only try to show one side of my personalty but I'm actually quite complex.  A lot of people think of me as light-hearted and fun but I'm actually deep and dark inside.  I just don't like showing that part of myself.
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46-50, F
2 Responses Jul 18, 2012

ha ha embrace your dark side... but yeah once others have a certain concept about you, the day the darkside comes out is like a shock for them. Maybe there is some ways to express that part without hurting or surprising others like through art and how much a picture, a poem or some other things can bring it out in a way for others would be fascinating

You said Your personalty is complex... Would You change with mine ??? LOLz

hahaha.....ya, well I'm sure you have a few more layers. lol Does anyone in your real life know how you feel about your sexuality?

hopefully no... but I'm perfectly straight !