My dads a preacher, Yeah I know you're thinking preacher's kids are the worst ones.  Well my problem is not with being promiscuous.  I'm far from that.  MY problem is with being who they want me to be or who they think they raised me to be.  I was raised strickly by to the bible. But when I think back to my childhood and adolesent years I was never fully engaged in those teachings like the rest of my family was.  You know the whole sex before marraige thing, my attitude was "who cares".  I'm suppose to be this person who really believes in all the morals and biblical teachings that I was taught but I feel like I'm breaking my dads heart by not really wanting to live like that.  I beleive in sex before marraige if you love the person and I do not beleive that marraige is the begin all end all that my dad beleives it to be.  I'll be moving in with my fiance come july,  My dad thinks we should marry first, I think marring first would be a very big mistake.  I think we should cohabitate first.  I am not the person with the morals my dad raised me with and I don't feel guilty about it even though my dad tries his hardest everyday to make me feel guilty about it

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I've ahd a few partners, but I'm perceived as "the purity queen."

Uncommonly, I think maybe your father raised a very intellegent, thought provoking and compassionate daughter. I think you fiancee is a lucky man.