Apparently I Give Off Airs of ...

Apparently I give off airs of being well, a little stuck up, too sophisticated or something and woman are I think a little intimidated by me...they shouldn't be I do not feel that way in side.  I think it is one of those things that you can not tell a serial killer by the way they look.  Something about me does not look warm and cozy to women and scares them off.  Maybe I wear my hair up too much:)
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3 Responses Apr 25, 2007

There are so many who wear 'masks' thus hide from themselves. Look at all those 'famous' people who wear them all the time. I look at the characters of the actors, and see them as they are. It might be an idea to do that too. You can do it if you want to!

do you attempt to talk to the "ordinary"? I'm not being ugly, I'm just saying, approach whom you want to approach. Intimidation is in the mind not the heart. Give it a try.

ROFL! You comparing yourself to a serial killer??!! I know what you mean. Sometimes when I'm quiet around strangers, but then get to know them, the first thing they say is, " When I first met you I thought you were being a snob" Now... ANYONE that knows me in person And even on here, KNOWS THAT'S NOT ME!! I'm clueless as to why they think that too!! Do we throw off an invisible Snob Bomb??!! ;P