Why Do They Think So???

well ia m in college .. in school i was a really good student.. ppl liked me a lot .. after coming to college i just got into various things like excessive gaming and an urge to hv fun all the time of ur life.. this type of thinking has really made my life bad.. i asked one of my frnds whether i shud take and extra subject in the coming sem and the way he relied really made me feel sad .. he said i ll hv to study as if i am a dumb student .. when i said wt do u mean by all that then he said nothing i was just saying that u ll hv to work hard.. i know i am kinda lazy but at the same time i think that i hv potential to do work.. wat all i got till now was something i deserved or somehow i got .. but now i am independent and freedom has made me do all this .. i think i am capable of doing all wat ppl think i cant.. its just my time is not good .. but soon i ll show all of them dat i am not who they think i am ..
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1 Response Apr 25, 2007

take advantage of the "college" situation you have in fron of you. Not because you want or "need" to "show" them, but because it's for YOU and you only!