It's Hard to Break Their Image of You

the way i dress, the way i speak and the way i treat others, it all contributes to a misinterpretation of me. obviously, different ppl have different angles of looking at me. some have me firmly cast as a shopaholic - which is only ONE part of "me", and others believe i am only a geek - and aren't we all?  my family thinks i am an rude, violent emo [despite my un-emo appearance] with a tendency to sometimes go off the planet on a happy high [result of a good day, not drugs].

so it's hard, to be yourself, because WHO do you become when you are "you"? i think it is a hugley difficult task, almost impossible to be truly yourself ever, because when you're with a person, you usually behave in a manner that will complement their belief of "you". i mean, is it possible to be at one time a geeky shopaholic emo with violent as well as euphoric tendencies?

maybe i am a little cynical, but you can never truly know anyone. they can never truly know who i am. because at best, i think that people can only ever see a couple of sides of "you". they don't you, you don't know them. we all can only try to get along with the faces that people turn to the world, and make do without the faces hidden from each other.

i'm glad that i'm not who they think i am. in today's world, i think it's hard sometimes to have to deal with intrusions everywhere. for example, if i don't talk trash about my friends, like my perfect sister, my parents think i'm hiding something. having a hidden side, knowing that they are wrong when they judge you and criticise you as a stereotype, it gives me a happy feeling, like i am stronger than they think, and better than they know.

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is it possible to be at one time a geeky shopaholic emo with violent as well as euphoric tendencies? YES, when you are alone! Ha!

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This Really is True...

Your title speaks VOLUMES!! It should become a famous quote! And your story was great!! Thanx for sharing this! Makes you stop and think!