They Don't Take the Time...

I have found time and time again that people don't take the time to get to know me they like to make me into who they want me to be. (A *****) I have always been about being straight up, no bull here, I give you all of me. I feel there is really no point in lying because then you are not truly sharing yourself with the world and taking pride in who you are. I am not about kissing anyones *** and usually those who don't like me want me to kiss their *** and think they are special when they are nothing but ugly inside. I find that because of what I wear, what I drive, where I am from they think I am stuck up. I have a hard time with wanting to meet people now because this is just a reoccurring  one wants to take that time to know that I am creative, a listener, a writer, a music lover, loyal, and understanding. My friends that I do have are friends I have had for many years. I do not have any recent friends in the past 3 years.
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1 Response May 3, 2007

I feel the same, friendships have become harder for me...but more likely because I have a short attention span for anything that dosn't interest me( all the little cliches that dot regular exchanges), so when someone wants to talk about somthing I have litle interest in, I tend to faze out.<br />
ALso I watch too much, I'd rather just watch...and this is part of the reason I am somewhat unnaproachable.<br />
I have seen my best friends from school only once, and spoken to them very rarely. This weekend I'm mamking an effort by hosting a weekend away.<br />
I don't let it get to me that some people think of themselves highly, because I have my own opinion and they really don't need to know what it is.<br />
I geuss thats just me, I hope people start to take the time for you, or that you start to enjoy your time a bit more.