I Am Me

i love being different. i strive to be. i just recently spent 120 dollars on face piercings (nose, tongue, eyebrow, gauges). and i want more. it didn't hurt at all. it was awesome. i purchased skin bleaching pills called ivory caps from goldentigerlipids.com. (12 bottles, 12 months worth). i have plans to be an albino. i also purchased a super long black holloween wig for lightinthebox,com. i know that its for holloween but you can also wear it casually. my g-ma and g-pa dont know about the skin bleaching pills yet. they will in about two to three months when they notice my skin getting lighter. i also have plans to purchase the type of clothing that are more "me". my closet will be more black and a lot less pink. im dark and i like to express that. my g-ma thinks she knows me already. she thinks she knows exactly why i do something. i went over to her job just to visit and as i was leaving just as i was walking out the door she told her girlfriend that i would much rather be at home sittng in front of the tv. thats so not ******* true! i would much rather be out doing **** that i wanna do, when i wanna and not have to answer to anybody. and i am not completely sane...well, they know that already. i hate it when they get disappointed and surprised when i get piercings or when i dye my hair or when i wear a bunch of black. they think that they have me all figured out but they dont and they cant. i cant wait until i turn white. and for my apartment it will be decorated in red and black...just watch. grandma you can nag and complain and grandpa you can give your needless opinion on every desicion i make all you wanna. its not gonna change the fact that i am different and that i am not the person you think i am. you dont know me that well. i know this because when i asked you questions about me, you got it wrong or barely right at all. i am synja slaughter and nothing will change this...
synjaslaughter synjaslaughter
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012