Just spent a few hours chatting with a friend on here, well laughing for most of it, he was on excellent form. One of the subjects discussed was why I get some friends' requests from people who are extremely sexual (well going from their profile at least). Nothing wrong with that, just that I am strictly platonic on here now. So I was wondering why they would "fan" me and he pointed out that my own profile was fairly suggestive. Now I thought I had tweaked it awhile back, obviously not enough, point taken.

So then we get to discussing how we became friends, well I said he was attracted to my charm and wit and he came back with WittyTitty LOL. Yes there is a membership to a group on here involving breasts, I have to own that. 

Well off to tweak my profile page again. Don't want to give the incorrect impression of myself here and waste people's time. I enjoyed being anonymous on this site, have taken the opportunity to share some content of a sexual nature but honestly it is really not all who I am. I have a variety of people as friends all with varying degrees of interests/groups they belong to. Please don't think just because we are friends that we bonded over theirs or my own sexual content/stories honestly chances are we did not. 
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Very funny. Perhaps needs a tweet too. How about #@wittytitty

Oh for f\'s sake, do you think I do tweeting haha. Can barely work the laptop haha. It is good though, not my own work but I like it.

Well, EP is kind of a tweeting area too...

As technical as I get : ) I love EP, happy here and don\'t need anything else online.

That actually made me laugh "WittyTitty"... Awesome name.... Thanks for sharing this :)

No problem, made me laugh when he said it : )

Hi pixelbest can't remember what drew me to you but love you the way you are so just be you.Yes we all change and mature I know I have too.

Thank you friend : ) Yes I am me, without any hatred unless a specific person has done something to me or mine. Then I pray to get past it, cos I don't want to hold hatred in my heart. I am so happy for how your life has turned out. Your life for you to live and it has ended up with LOVE : )


Thank you : )

Most welcome :)

Sex and laughter it doesn't get much better than that I totally agree I don't understand why people have to be so serious

Aw thanks for reading and commenting. All but a distant memory for me now, I live the life of a nun : )

Wow nuns are always very hottt
Why is that

Life's plan for me, for now at least : ) Sorry don't have the uniform haha.

That's alright my image of you didn't involve the uniform
Well maybe a pile of material on the floor around your legs

That would be me washing lol.

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I have to agree with Karll... though I may have been initially drawn to your profile because I was intrigued by your sexual posts, I have now come to treasure our "relationship" at a much less superficial level. Thank you for being my friend.

You'll have a long life, just saw your profile pic online and wondered how you were and bang a comment : ) Yeah we have certainly built a firm and solid friendship, I value it too and inspired by the changes you have taken to live life on your terms, even if it is not the lifestyle for me hahaha. Oh you guys, I keep telling you all it is my sparkling personality that draws you all in lol, not the sexy stuff. My story and sticking to it : P

The sexy stuff was the bait, but your sparkling personality is what really gets us hooked! Not just a line, it's true!

Come on, not a writer nor was it erotica, always some humour in it though haha. Sex and laughter the best combination, not changing my mind lol and thanks for the compliment : )

Would that make it wittytitty bait? Lol
I love it. I understand your concern. And most of us guys are lead around my that part of the anatomy, but I would like to hope some of us are able to rise above it at some point. The other side of the coin is that they may have become a fan solely for your stories and you "expect" them to be there for sex so when they make a sexual reference as friends are known to do, you feel it is more than what it actually is. Hey I don't know the people or the situations and we don't know each other at all but I have seen this happen before and threw it out there as a possibility. Hope you don't take offense.

No offense taken, and you do have a point. I am mindful of that, love a joke and a giggle and take many comments and laugh them off. Guess I want to be upfront with men on here, been there done that, not for me. Women are meant to be the romantic ones, well online men are the fantasy ones as far as I am concerned. I don't live a fantasy life and certainly not doing it online, can't get my head round it. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment : )

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I am a man who is very sexual; that doesn't mean that it's my only interest (not by far), nor that it's my main one. But I am very sexual, quite at ease with this, not ashamed of it, though many ladies don't seem to see this in a good light, as if a decent man, a gentleman, one with a good upbringing wouldn't be like this. When I try to be friend with a lady, yes, sex is often on my mind. However, when she shows that she isn't too interested in that, at least not for now, I respect that and I move on to other interests, as I recognize that a lady is much more than sex.

Very pleased to hear that. The online relationships are not for me, I realise that now. I too am a sexual person haha, but would prefer to have that in real life. Right now just like chatting to people and having a laugh. Can't delete what I have shared (well how I feel for now) how I felt at the time, but grown up a bit online, way too trusting when I started : )

Oh thanks for reading and taking the time to comment : )

Thank you very much for the comment! My pleasure!
I'd like to say that online (love) relationships that do not go further, that do not lead to (love) relationships in real life are not for me either.
And, oh, happy to hear that you too are a sexual person! Ha! Ha!

well said, there is more to life than just sex, not a lot more (smile) but we can at least make some room for intellectual stimulation on our off days.

There is A LOT more to life than just sex, I know cos I have no sex but somehow fill the hours haha. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment : )

((Hugs)) Love you, sister!!!

((Hugs)) love you too dear sister xx

Well said, and I know that I am counted among those unlikely relationships... but I still value our friendship!

You most certainly are :) Value our friendship too very much.

I was actually going to make a joke here and say that I am sure there are plenty who would love to "tweak" it for you! lol Thanks for the add. I will keep things pure....

Now that was an excellent joke, keep 'em cummin lol. Don't mind a laugh and a joke, intent is pure ie just a laugh, more than fine with that.

You will hear plenty of that from me! Nice to meet you, pixy!

And you :)

I am your friend in the plutonic sense and very happy to continue that way!

We've been friends for a long time, met when I was wet behind my EP ears, long may it continue :)

You have to smile while reading this. Witty.... smiling while writing too.
Thank you

Why thank you : )

At first I thought this was about our conversation...soon realized it wasn't.....hope I didn't change your opinion of me with my confession....you did get off line in a hurry...and haven't written me in response...Like me there is so much more to our lives than our sexual adventures...thinking it sums up our existence on earth is an understatement...only wish I had the same opportunity to make friends like you in person....to discover their hearts and real desires...wouldn't that be marvelous?

No it was not, glad you got that. I was honoured you shared with me, and nothing so shocking by the way hahaha. I had to go off line because of my CHILDREN. Well one child, since I got this laptop she suddenly needs to use it. The old one was not that fast and on it's way out slowly. She was not so interested, but this one she likes to use. So yes, more to us than just sex. At first it is liberating to confess stuff on EP but as my story says, we became friends not because of the sexual content we had shared. Honey, you are in the friend zone hahaha, and I am so glad to have you :)

see when u insist..insist...insist.... i am not that........it means you are..... do not insist just leave it on other`s what should they thing and imagine.... about you... this is just suggestion from a friend. accept it or leave it... lastly every one have their views and thinking pattern. but if some thought really surprise u just admire it for u r sake.. that`s it.......

Well sometimes on here men do not accept the first NO thank you. I realise I have shared stuff some of it sexual and also that I am on the friends' list of many who are very sexual. So I get that some people may contact me based on that, just saying please don't waste your time not interested in one on one sexual chat. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

i agree and respect your views......wish a very nice life ahead and god fulfill all your desires. best wishesh

Hello my sweet lady. I'm sorry to hear you've sworn off men, but if you're happy and doing well I'm quite alright with that. And your friend sounds like a keeper. If he makes you laugh and keeps you thinking, I like him already. I hope your friendship continues to grow. Be good sweetheart and take care....

Yes being strictly friends with men is working for me :) And yes he certainly is a keeper ssshhh, don't want him to get all big headed on me, yeah he makes me laugh every day. PS you always make me smile too, be good yourself and take care .

Hearing you laugh makes me smile and my day much brighter. Thank you my dear lady, just for being you.