They Would Be Shocked

If the people in my life truly new the REAL ME...they would be shocked! I am two people. Sometimes it makes me sad the the other me, I think the real me, has to hide away. Does this make any sence?
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7 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I sometimes feel the same way ;)

Lol it's alright. We have the obligation to reveal our true selves to whoever we see fit to the occasion. To prevent pretenses and mis-character notions.

Yes - it makes sense - I used to be like that - it is tiring to maintain two personas - but there is only the one me - So these days I am more open - I don't force who I am on other people but at the same time I talk about who I am much as others would talk about fishing or Golf.

I am much more contented now.

Makes perfect sense. I feel the same way...

YES :))

Yes, it makes sence. That's the nice thing about E.P., you are free to explore and live your secret side, and not be secret from us.

very much so