Captain's Log 924121005

Starting from early morning, there was much distillment, if there is a such word. I was awaken from rest through the night from tossing and turning causing me not to have any rest the entire night. I can't remember exactly how I was feeling but I know for a fact that it was very sluggish. I heard my grandmother yell from the other room that I needed to go to my great grandmother's house. Say she needed some work on her tv, Say the current went out and the went t cut the tv on, and nothing but a line through the middle of the tv was the only thing showing up. So I dragged myself up and picked up around me. Told her to tell her that I would be there in like ten minutes. Good thing I was alright. My Head was still clogged up but that didn't really stop me. I went in and washed my face and got the key from grams and headed on over to great grams. I got there and didn't know exactly what condition the set was in but I made it my best to take the old tv off the entertainment center and get it cleaned. Meanwhile, I would be trying to put the tv in the car and go back to the house to get another unused tv. I got it over there and set the remote control. Did that and got everything up and running. Was about to leave to go to the house and had a quick thought about putting in an application at a few places so that hopefully I can get hired and have some income coming in so that I can grow my small business and build on to it and keep it stable. I put more into it than I really can think. When everything works out it will be cool. I got this week off of class and next week start my last class that last me for 5 weeks. Completing this will give me my MBA and I want to go for my Ph.D. So I believe that if I get a job that it will help pay for tuition and fees from scholarships. That is just the lighter technical side of it. Got me a little workout in today! Felt pretty good. Worked my muscles really slow so I can get the negative contraction/extractions. This felt good. I am going back light then as soon as I get it going steady, I will go up on weight. I have a lot of people helping me to find a schedule, you know, suggestions and advice, and it all has been informal. I believe that I was doing 5 set of 8-12 on flat press, curls, shoulder press, and 3 set of 10-8-6 straight leg dead lift, and like 8 squats. So yeh, I feel pretty good even though everything hurts. Haha.. I am more than glad to have that out of the way. End transmission...
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Sounds like a nice day. You got to help someone. You got to workout. You reflected on your achievements. :) Thanks for sharing. ♥