The Type Of Girl She Is

Girls like her aren't the same ones you would see posing on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine or even Vogue because she's just not them. She dosen't have glossy, voluminous hair or a figure that just screams 'SEX'. She is not friends with celebrities either but she would not trade the friends that she has now for VIP figures with money pouring out of their pockets.

She's not the girl you would stop to stare at while walking down the streets because let's face it, unless you're attracted to girls who have their earphones in to block the rest of the world out, then she's just another face in the endless sea of people.

But she's not any less special than the girl with platinum blonde hair and the designer hand bag because you don't know what she is capable. The girl wearing that grey hoodie with those dirty sneakers could be your boss in a few years time or she could end up being the one who has the most impact on your life. You will never know so it's best not to compare her with someone else.

I don't know why I decided to write this; a first draft of a rant that spiralled into nothing but it just felt necessary for me to say something. Or in this case, write. Are you that type of girl who people will look over the first time round or do you catch the eye with a simple gesture?
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Sounds like the person here ether belives in anarchy or is a metal head it's the same attitude

I agree with everything dark tipped rose mentioned. It seems as though most girls just get passed by when there not a size 4 and under or don't wear a certain type of clothing which is my oppinion is their loss cause we are usually the ones with awesome personalities and have a lot to offer :) I completely understand what Ur talking about though cuz I am one.

I think its beautifully written. I am very "overlooked". I guess I am "girl next door type". my hubby says I am the type that looks pretty when you look at me for a long time.

somehow it didn't quite FEEL like a compliment lol.

yes, most media is fantasy. you can look like that too when you have a professional stylist and perfect lighting. but we don't live in a studio do we? ppl seriously need to relax their standards. y'know?