My friends 25yo daughter sneaks over after 10 pm.. drinks ..
She asks me to tie her up.. then spank her bare *** with my hand. .
she gets so wet and excited.. she has an ****** most times..
This excites me
No one knows.
I am dark inside

Stranglehold Stranglehold
41-45, M
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She asks me to "punish' her in any way I want..
So my darkness is admitting that I like to see her bound and helpless..

hehe, she has a bit of a darkness too, shes the one sneaking out loll

This is true, I help her explore what is inside. Her family is so conservative. What she tells me during our "play " is ... well ....intense

cool. my hubby is a prude. so I understand. he doesn't think the things he says or does is bad. but someone who respects a woman, and spanks her *** and call her names and he thinks thats treating a woman low

this "play" has evolved.. at first it was just light swats.. Now it is more firm. not much name calling.. just her telling me how "bad" she is. What she has done..
What she wants to do...
I require her to wait for me to begin ... being tied and pants down..
Some times its just a few minuets.. some times longer..
I am never angry nor out of control..

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damn! sounds like you're not the only one who's dark inside hehe