Popularity Sucks...

I've always been quite unpopular with kids my age and nobody really knows the real me except my closest friends. People think of me as the one who is so desperate for a boyfriend, she tried to date her best friend. They think I'm a nerd who always gets straight A's and is not content with anything less. I'm starting a new school soon so I'm taking a chance and trying to be as popular as I can be....=)
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Popularity doesn't matter when you know you have true friends =)

Perhaps striving for popularity shouldn't be your main focus. A person can be popular, but also be very proudful about it. Just because someone is popular doesn't mean everyone likes them. If you want to be popular, think about what you want people to say when they see you. They should say, "look, there is that girl that helped me with my homework and I got an A on my test! That's the girl that sat by me at lunch when I was feeling like I had no friends."

Instead of looking for fiends as just a number, you should focus on being a best friend to others. If you do that, then you will attract others with similar characteristic and you will have lots of true best friends. Your friends will know the real you and love you for being yourself and others will want to get to know you as well. It's all a matter of priority. I say, focus on being a best friend to other people first. That's where it all starts. :)

Also, good luck starting at your new school. I'm sure you'll make new friends rather quickly. :)

thank you =D